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Call for Papers

The International Society for Electromagnetic Aquametry ISEMA is an informal association of scientists and engineers from academia, industry, and government, who are bound together by their common interest in electromagnetic measurement techniques for the determination of the amount of water in moist substances. Electromagnetic aquametry is applied in science, industry, engineering, medicine, and agriculture. In addition it will certainly play an important role in solving problems in the future in fields like energy efficiency, climate protection, resource efficiency, and sustainable water management.

The ISEMA conference will address all problems relevant to both physical concepts and technological aspects of electromagnetic measurement techniques for determine the dielectric properties of materials and the amount of water in moist substances. The conference will provide an interdisciplinary platform for sharing experience und discussing latest scientific results.

The ISEMA 2021 will concentrate on but not be limited to following subjects:

  • Theory and application of dielectric mixing formulas.
  • Dielectric properties of water in heterogeneous material, including biological substances and tissues.
  • Computational methods of electromagnetic wave propagation in dispersive and lossy dielectrics.
  • Electromagnetic sensors in time and frequency domain for moisture content determination.
  • Moisture content determination and monitoring in soil, snow, agricultural materials, waste disposals, and other materials.
  • Progress in measurement instrumentation, data processing, and standardization.
  • Dielectric spectroscopy and applications.
  • Integrated techniques using RF and/or microwave dielectric measurements with other methods such as impedance spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, NMR etc.
  • Remote sensing and monitoring of Earth‘s water.
  • Current and future applications in civil engineering, agriculture, medicine, industry, and environmental protection.

The deadline for the submission is February, 15 2021.

Submission information can be found here.

Click here to download the call for papers in PDF-format.